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Muscle: the Workhorse of the body.

Myotherapies (Myotherapy and Remedial) are based on the understanding that muscles under constant load can form microscopic cross bridges, adhesions and scar tissues. These changes put stress on the joints, overload the tendons, create painful trigger points and ultimately make the body less well.

Your muscles form an interconnecting web that adds a ‘springy’ support to the more rigid skeletal system. Muscles, along with the sheath that surrounds them (the fascia) are constantly responding to the commands of the nervous system. They pull, torque, push and twitch from dawn to dusk.

Therapists that deal with Myofascia (muscle and fascia) are trained to remove trigger points, cross bridging between muscles, tendonitis and a host of other issues.

As the therapists at The Health Collective are fully qualified, they are all claimable through secondary health cover.

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Coralie Andersen

Coralie is a qualified Myotherapist and Paediatric massage Consultant. Having worked as a massage therapist since 2006, Coralie has gained experience working with sporting clubs (primarily soccer and hockey) and in private practice. While she enjoys working with athletes in a club setting, her passion for working with the various complaints of the general public led her back to private practice.


Murray Stewart

Murray is a very experienced practitioner Graduating from RMIT in 1989. Murray owned and practiced at the Multicare Tactile Therapy Centre until 2001. During this time, he also co-owned the Rebound Fitness Centre in Narre Warren Melbourne. Murray has practiced at The Health Collective in Alice Springs since 2001. Murray believes that a pain free independent existence is the greatest gift we can lend patients. This principle guides his approach.

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