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Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle treatment which assists in retraining patterns of negative conditioning and thinking. It promotes mental clarity, positivity and new energy to deal with life’s challenges in a more helpful way.

In the case of weight loss, smoking, drug/alcohol misuse and more, hypnosis can assist you to establish new habits of behaviour, replacing them with healthier, more positive choices. Working with our Hypnotherapist, you can discover your best self.

Hypnosis induces a feeling of calm and restfulness, similar to that of drifting off to sleep. It is being vaguely aware, yet completely relaxed. It is a painless, secure and safe practice that provides freedom from negative emotional issues, stress, fears, eating/food issues, excess weight and many other patterns of behaviours.

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Mailin Colman

Mailin has been practicing hypnotherapy since 2002 and is passionate about the results she has witnessed during this time. She is committed to providing quality hypnotherapy and counselling services to all who see her. Mailin is passionate about ongoing training, remaining informed in regard to current techniques and research while remaining faithful to the tried and tested methods.
Mailin has also undertaken specialised hypnosis training in pain management and working with cancer patients to improve quality of life. She is a full clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association (AHA) and is currently serving as the Association’s President. Mailin has also held the positions of national secretary and national vice president in the AHA as well as holding the role of SEO & Secretary of AHA (WA) for 2 and 5 years respectively. In 2013, Mailin was also awarded Fellow membership with the AHA.
Mailin is ready and qualified to assist YOU to be ready to make positive change in your life, to move forward and let go of anything that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

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